About Intellakids

Intellakids was founded in 2016 on the belief that education is not one-size-fits-all. Children have an incredible potential that isn’t always fully nurtured with standardized schooling alone. Education Starts at Home – This means that children’s relationships, environment, and educators have a huge impact on the brain’s development, and that together these factors have the power to tap into a potential that most tend to underestimate in children.

Intellakids integrates this philosophy with our approach to education. In addition to academic achievement, we know that children can be taught skills for emotional awareness and intelligence at an early age. We teach in the comfort of the student’s home, incorporating the child’s interests, individuality, strengths, and personality to foster learning, healthy relationships, and a thriving academic career.

In addition to private teaching, Intellakids is creating tools and resources to help families navigate this exciting journey with their children. Intellakids has established an amazing clientele of incredible parents and children in Houston, TX, and to reach more families, Ayşen is now building a team; training new educators who believe in the capability of children as much as she does.

About the Founder

Ayşen Fehime Doğan

Ayşen Fehime Doğan is an accomplished educator and Founder of Intellakids. Ms. Doğan has worked with hundreds of children to inspire them to be who they are, build self-confidence, and prove that learning is fun. Ayşen is known for her ability to connect with every child she meets, and she understands their aptitudes & challenges almost immediately. She is able to come up with custom lesson plans to encourage their strengths while resolving their struggles in ways that are engaging to that specific child. Today, Ms. Doğan has 10+ years of experience working with children ranging in ages from 2 to 12 years old.

Ms. Doğan’s love for childhood development began when her younger sister was born. Observing her younger sister’s first words, movements, and overall growth was fascinating to her; this sparked a curiosity and passion for childhood development and education. In 2011, after finishing her Bachelor’s degree of Early Childhood Education in Turkey, Ayşen accomplished one of her biggest dreams by moving to the United States, becoming fluent in the English language, and receiving her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. During her time in graduate school, Ms. Doğan studied and was inspired by the works of philosophers and researchers, Regio Emilia, Howard Gardner, and Maria Montessori.

Ayşen has had the opportunity to work with children in a number of ways. She did an internship in K-1 classrooms in the Houston Independent School District that included teaching literacy to students in the Pre-K program and working one-on-one with students after school. She also taught homeless preschool children at the House of Tiny Treasures. She has worked as a volunteer at Texas Children's Hospital with children who are cancer survivors, allowing them to tell their stories through writing, music, and lyrics. She taught poetry to high school students in the Juvenile Courts and Community Schools of San Diego, California. Ayşen also co-founded two professional development summer institutes for teachers. Through her effort and dedication, Ayşen continues to create strong relationships with her students; encouraging, supporting, and guiding their personal and academic achievement.

Aysen Fehime Dogan

Our Intellakids Team

Mary Guinn

Mary graduated with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin in 2020 with a Bachelor's degree in Linguistics. She has shared her passion for language, learning, and education through her experience volunteering and working with children of all ages. Mary has been training with Ayşen for the past year, and is the newest addition to the Intellakids team!

Mary Guinn