Introducing Tomaze Toys

Where we believe in the power of learning through play

We are so excited to share our first toy with you: Tomaze Tiles!

It’s available on Amazon now!

Toys Designed with Children in Mind

As early childhood educators, our toys are meticulously designed for your little one’s hands. The wooden board is big enough for small hands to use, and has a built-in grid so that your child's patterns remain intact. This helps guide your child to success independently. Crafted with all-natural wood and colored with toxin-free paint, Tomaze Tiles provides a safe playtime experience that nurtures your child’s creativity and confidence.

Tomaze Toys: Open-Ended Possibilities

Master the Alphabet

Children can learn the shape and structure of the letters before they’re even able to hold a pencil! With our pattern cards, your child recreates each letter with geometric shapes, rather than pencil and paper. Watch your child's eyes light up when they learn to recognize the letters and build those essential literacy skills — all while having fun.

Tomaze Toys: Master the Alphabet

Develop STEM Skills

Spark your child’s interest and early development of STEM skills! By using and manipulating the shapes to fit onto the board, your child enhances their cognitive abilities such as problem-solving, critical thinking, memory, and concentration. As your child arranges the tiles, they develop their spatial awareness and visual reasoning abilities, building a strong foundation for future math skills.

Develop STEM Skills

Versatile Patterns

With 20 unique pattern cards, your child will have a multitude of designs to choose from. These cards inspire young minds to think critically, problem-solve, and unleash their imagination. From vibrant geometric designs to the letters of the alphabet, each card offers a unique challenge that stimulates your child’s cognitive skills.

Tomaze Toys: Versatile Patterns

Open-Ended Possibilities

The board’s large, blank grid design transforms it into an open-ended canvas for your child! They can create their own unique designs without using guidance from the cards, exploring their creativity and imagination through open-ended play.

Tomaze Toys: Toys Designed with Children in Mind

Screen-Free Learning Through Play

At Tomaze Toys, we understand the unique needs of young children. We know the importance of reducing screen time and promoting purposeful play. That’s why we believe in providing your child with an enriching alternative to screen time through actively engaged, meaningful, imaginative play.

Tomaze Toys: Packaging
It’s available on Amazon now!