I owe my deepest gratitude for the exceptional support and guidance provided by Ayşen to my son. Her impact has been nothing short of remarkable. Ayşen embodies the spirit of Mary Poppins, bringing not just knowledge but also warmth, patience, and a magical touch to her teaching.

When I called her in a panic she stepped in on the same day with unwavering dedication and a genuine passion for helping my son succeed. Ayşen’s ability to connect with my son and make learning engaging has truly been a blessing. Her creative and nurturing approach have not only improved his academic skills but have also instilled confidence, curiosity, and a love for learning. We are in awe of her ability to make learning fun and engaging.

Our son truly looks forward to his time with Ayşen. I wholeheartedly recommend Ayşen for her exceptional skills, professionalism, and the positive impact she has had on our family. She is a true gem in the world of education, and I am immensely grateful for the invaluable support she is providing.

Holly Farrar

I am thrilled to share my heartfelt testimonial about the outstanding coaching provided by Ms. Ayşen and Ms. Mary, who have worked diligently with my 4-year-old son on reading and math skills. Their dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment have truly transformed my son's learning experience in the most remarkable way.

From the very first session, it was evident that Ms. Ayşen and Ms. Mary possess an incredible ability to connect with young minds. Their warm and nurturing approach immediately put my son at ease and he is always excited when they visit. They have an innate talent for tailoring their teaching methods to suit his unique learning style, making the learning process enjoyable and engaging.

Ms. Ayşen and Ms. Mary's expertise in early childhood education is nothing short of exceptional. They effortlessly blend innovative teaching techniques with a deep understanding of child development to create lessons that are not only educational but also enjoyable for my son. Through creative and interactive activities, they sparked his curiosity and instilled a love for learning that we had not seen before.

We are beyond fortunate to have found such wonderful coaches, and I wholeheartedly recommend them to any parent seeking educators for their child.

Thank you, Ms. Ayşen and Ms. Mary, for making a profound difference in our son's life and for being the kind of coaches every child deserves. Your dedication and passion are inspiring, and we are forever grateful for the gift of learning you have given to our little one.

Gloria and Rusty

After spending time working with my preschool aged daughter, I knew we'd achieve better results with Ayşen instructing her. I wasn't prepared for the outcomes that Ayşen has facilitated with our daughter in such a short time, or the influence she would impart.  We've seen marked improvement in handwriting, problem solving, sequencing and manners. Her presence is calming, and her way is kind and soft-spoken, providing firm and loving guidance. Our daughter, and our whole family, has benefited greatly from Intellakids. I recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor without hesitation.

Price Breen

Ayşen has been working with our son for the past few months, and not only has he improved his reading and writing, but most importantly, his confidence has skyrocketed. Ayşen brings her knowledge and passion for teaching to our home. She took her time to understand our son, see how he learns and interacts, and customize her lessons to him. She believes in seeing the child as a whole, not labeling them, and being open to the child, teaching us how he can learn and that he is filled with potential. With her, we learned to trust, listen and observe our son and understand his learning style.

Mariella & Alberto Govela

After hearing of Ayşen through a friend, we asked her to come work with our 4-year-old son who has a passion for letters, writing and reading. We knew he was craving enrichment, but we weren’t exactly sure what he needed. Ayşen was able to assess his skills and - more importantly - his passion for specific kinds of academic work. We made certain that the work they do together was self-motivated by our son, and she wholeheartedly agreed.

As a third child who wants to keep up with his older siblings, our son is able to excel as he’d like with Ayşen’s guidance: for instance, he has been wanting to read the menu when we go out to eat, and now he can detect certain sight words on his own.

Ayşen is also working with him on self-expression and confidence, too, which is most important to us. Our son loves meeting with her weekly and considers her a friend coming to play! She truly has a natural ability to differentiate her teaching style and connect with children.

Liz Bender

I wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Mary. When we engaged her six months ago, our son did not know his letters or numbers and lacked the interest and focus to learn them. Ms. Mary has transformed him into an enthusiastic learner: he is excited to be with her and is able, and willing, to sit with her for an hour. He now knows all of his letters and numbers and is reading independently! As a parent, it has been very fulfilling to track his progress and see him learning so joyfully. We are very thankful Ms. Mary came into our lives.

Sarah DeSynder

Our 2 daughters have been working with Ms. Ayşen and Ms. Mary the past few months and I continue to be very impressed with their teaching techniques. Lessons are thought out in advance and tailored to meet your child’s needs. My 5 year old daughter has gained confidence in reading and is very excited for her sessions. My 3 year old daughter has been working on everything from letters, writing, math, and problem solving skills. Ayşen and Mary are patient but firm and always kind and attuned to the needs of the child. We look forward to continuing to watch them learn.


I was having a hard time getting my four-year-old son excited about letters, numbers and staying focused on one activity at a time. Within the first half hour we spent with Ayşen, she immediately pinpointed his strengths and weaknesses. After their first session, she made him feel completely at ease. He couldn’t wait for her to come back.

We’ve been working with Ayşen and her team for about four months now, and not only has she helped our son tremendously with school-related learning, but I’ve seen a noticeable shift in his all-around confidence.

Now our son comes to us and asks how to spell things, he’s proactively sounding out words, he’s talking about numbers and time — it’s been a huge shift for us.

Ayşen takes such a positive approach to learning, always keeping it creative, engaging, and, most importantly, fun. She truly understands the importance of a well-rounded education, and is a natural educator.


Ms. Ayşen has been an invaluable resource to our son and family. She treats our child as a whole person nurturing his heart and mind and building his confidence inside and outside of the classroom. Her ability to inspire him to see his strengths while also challenging him is a uniquely valuable quality in an educator. Ms. Ayşen embodies the idea that teaching is more about raising questions than answering them. She teaches her students to adapt, inquire, question and cooperate and never forgets they are children. Schools and surroundings change, but enthusiasm for learning and exploring the world are life skills-Ms. Ayşen's love of learning is contagious.

Tara Arnold

Ms. Ayşen has an amazing ability to unlock my kids learning ability, tailored specifically to their needs. My younger daughter can be very stubborn and lose focus but Ms. Ayşen can easily connect with her and make her excited about learning. My older daughter has a completely different challenge where she moves too fast and Ayşen knew immediately what she needed to do to help her slow down and think. She truly is their friend and coach, and I'm so glad she came into our lives!

Rebecca Stehle

Our son Thomas has been working with Ayşen for almost a full year. Thomas will be 6 in September entering Kindergarten. After leaving his amazing preschool Thomas noticed he wasn't doing what "my friends are doing" in terms of reading and writing. He could already feel "learned helplessness"...

Ayşen is hands down the best tutor our family has ever had the pleasure to work with. Thomas is our youngest child and our family has had many many tutors come and go.... Ayşen shines brighter than all of them...She is absolutely worth every penny and I don't say that often... it is the truth.

Thomas was really struggling to learn his letters. We actually had concerns that Thomas had a learning disability when we started working with Ayşen and she quickly narrowed down his specific learning style and concerns of any learning disabilities were dismissed.

Ayşen took Thomas from a child who "just couldn't get it" to a child who is now reading AND writing personal narratives!!!

Ayşen comes prepared every single time. She truly values her job and takes her responsibilities for her "students" success with determination and a well thought out and implemented "action plan".

She is punctual, flexible, joyful and engaged with Thomas from the moment she enters our home until she leaves. She teaches social skills as well just by being her authentic, conversational, polite self.

Ayşen has created a time in our day for Thomas to enjoy learning. He now has a boosted sense of self-worth and self esteem that was lacking prior to working with Ayşen. If you are looking for an answer to your child's unique learning situation, either struggling to learn or very gifted and in need of advance work Ayşen is your answer.

I don't often write testimonials or reviews. However, Ayşen is one person who I am happy to take time to write a glowing testimonial as she truly has lit a "love for learning glow" within our precious son, Thomas.

Allison Casey

Ayşen tutors our six year old son and has done an incredible job with him over the last six months. He has gained a tremendous amount of confidence in his reading abilities and math skills and we attribute this solely to Ayşen's tireless dedication

She is incredibly attuned to the needs of our son and as a result, works with him in all sorts of different ways to help him overcome his limitations. It has been such a great experience to see our son become such a confident reader. What sets Ayşen apart from all other tutors is her ability to understand the individual needs of a child. She is extremely intuitive and a highly skilled educator.

To have a tutor that is attuned to our son's emotional state to this degree is something that has surprised us beyond words. Our tremendous amount of appreciation stems from the fact that Ayşen has helped our child grow in confidence and in turn, he is much happier child.

Due to Ayşen, our son enjoys the process of learning and has developed an inquisitive mind. Learning is not an objective but an experience and Ayşen has made the experience of learnings a complete joy and something that he looks forward to everyday.

Kashif Malik

Ayşen is a very patient teacher who has played a crucial role in helping our daughter improve her reading and writing abilities. We could see a difference within just the first week, and I would highly recommend her services for anyone looking for supplemental instruction.

Brian Boyter

Ayşen has been such a bright light in our lives! Our twins are always excited to spend time with her and eager to learn. She has a calm demeanor and has been able to teach my children much more than writing their names and their letters - she teaches them how to react and respond appropriately to her (i.e. manners, eye contact, greetings and good-byes). She has a way of identifying which learning methods will work best for each person and our twins are VERY different. Our twins have exponentially progressed their writing and language skills and this is just the beginning; we plan to have her in our lives as we continue to grow. She is extremely professional, considerate, flexible and overall very kind and friendly. I highly recommend Ayşen!

Kari Wexler

We have two very different learners in our house. Ayşen came in and within minutes was able to assess what made each tick and adjust accordingly. It's like we hired two different tutors in the way she is able to morph from one style to the next with our children. They absolutely love their time with her!

Caitlin Pickard

Ayşen has been a wonderful addition to our lives! I struggled to support our son's school work and help him progress with his reading and writing. It was difficult for me to convince him to focus on a lesson and we were fighting about it. Meanwhile, I felt like he was falling behind his classmates.

Thankfully Ayşen came to our rescue and in a short time has turned learning into a positive experience for our son and whole family. Our son enjoys reading and writing now and is enthusiastic about trying new challenges. He is focusing better and even writing stories! (Which surpassed my expectations). I'm no longer fighting with him or worried about him being behind academically.

Ayşen is great at assessing a child's strengths and weaknesses and customizing the lessons to each child. We discovered things our son excels at that we're above his age range while working on catching him up in other areas. This has helped us to be confident that he is well-rounded and bright.

Emily Dingmann

I was immediately blown away by Ayşen's motivation to get to know my son and develop a customized plan that would most efficiently yield the best results. She spent hours reading through teacher reports and notes from parent-teacher conferences to learn as much about him and his areas of need.

I have been amazed by the changes I have seen in my son in such a short amount of time. He now seems so excited to learn and has so much more confidence in all things. He looks forward to his time with Ayşen and you can see the mutual love and respect that has formed between the two.

I honestly have the highest possible recommendation for Ayşen and I think she is truly talented in her ability to motivate children to want to learn. I feel truly blessed to have found Ayşen and appreciate her so much.

Kelly Tepper

Ayşen uses a method that helps children learn while they enjoy the activities they are doing. My son has learned to recognize letters and sounds in only a few weeks, they work on subjects that are relevant to him and that push him to express himself. I like the fact that even though the process is different from the way I was taught, Ayşen sets achievable goals within a time frame. I would gladly recommend her.

Andrea Medina

Ayşen offers her students a true gift of connection of heart and mind. She accommodates my three years old son Jay by incorporating his own personal interests and imagination into her teaching style. I am truly blown away to see how he lights up responding to her teaching style of patience and passion. We are so lucky to have found Ayşen to provide a one on one educational experience.

Allie Fields

Ms. Ayşen is teaching Maths and English to my two kids. She is a great teacher and a hard worker. She customizes the teaching plan according to child's level and also the parents preference. She is very flexible in the schedule. My kids love her positive attitude and they enjoy working with her.

Devika Jeyarathan

I highly recommend using Ayşen from Intellakids if you are looking for a tutor for your child. Ayşen is extremely perceptive and has done a wonderful job assessing my four year old son's academic level and creating work for him based on his personal aptitude. She is patient and creative and has often times created educational games to keep him engaged and hold his attention. I'm so grateful we found her.

Lindley Arnoldy

Ayşen worked with my daughter for about a year and a half. My daughter was almost four at the time. They worked on creative writing via different projects promoting creativity and self expressions. My daughter looked forward to her weekly sessions.

Doğan Kartaltepe

We interviewed Ayşen to tutor our kids, both age 9, and were immediately impressed with her assessment of the needs of each child individually. She is very patient with my kids and we have seen great improvement with both kids after each session. Ayşen not only teaches techniques that allows our kids to implement and practice, but she makes it fun to learn. My kids look forward to every session with her. From mathematics to reading comprehension, both kids improved significantly. My son even teared up because he got all questions correct on a reading comprehension assessment. We highly recommend Ayşen not only because of her background in education but also because of her passion to make learning enjoyable.

Tai Nguyen

I had an extremely positive experience with Intella kids. We were looking to improve my daughter's reading level, and increase her self confidence in reading. After the first phone conversation I knew we found a great match. Asyen has been AMAZING with our daughter. She was upset the session was only an hour. Afterwards she came to tell us everything she worked on. We already see an improvement and we are looking forward to her continuing success.

Jessica Jenkins

We would like to thank Ayşen for the great job she's doing! My son has improved so much in his reading and writing. She is an awesome Tutor! I highly recommend her!

Christina Alvarez

Kindergarten brings a wave of emotions to both a child and the parents. While our daughter was excited to attend school, her definition of learning included recess, snack time and playing with her friends. Ayşen quickly identified our daughter's need for positive reinforcement and instantly captured her attention. After the first lesson, our daughter excitedly asked when she would return!

Ayşen's approach to learning is personalized to each child. She takes a genuine interest in knowing what motivates your child and how to make learning enjoyable. She provides a warm, friendly environment that allows our daughter to express herself through stories, drawings and poems. Ayşen is extremely creative and encourages her students to develop their cognitive processes at an early age. She inspires our daughter's imagination while instilling the fundamental principles of education. Within two weeks of working with Ayşen, our daughter's penmanship improved so much that we did not recognize it. Of course, all children will eventually learn to read and write but the excitement in our daughter's face when she writes a thank you note or birthday card is priceless.

Welcoming Ayşen into our home and into our daughter's life has been extremely rewarding. Our daughter looks forward to her coming each week and takes great pride and joy in the work they do together. Ayşen has provided us with multiple workbooks and worksheets that our daughter continually reminds us to work on. At the end of each session, Ayşen turns on one of our daughter's favorite songs as they clean-up and dance together.

Ayşen ~ Thank you very much for the love and passion you have for children and the opportunity for our daughter to work with you. We truly appreciate you and the positive impact you have on our daughter.

Rachelle Skov - Practice Director

We interviewed four companies. Ayşen has been working with our 8 year old the last month and we are already seeing a dramatic improvement. The best part by far is her attitude is so incredibly positive. Additionally she keeps it fun teaching while playing games. I heartily recommend her!

Scott Talley

Ms. Doğan is a wonderful tutor! She truly loves what she does and it shows. Her patience and compassion with our 6 year old kindergarten daughter, has been boundless. She has worked with our daughter for almost 10 months for at least 3 hours a week. Our daughter's letter recognition, reading and creative writing skills have been developed and have vastly improved with her guidance. Ms. Doğan's area's of expertise, her scheduling flexibility, and kindness were just what we needed.

D. Rodgers

I am so pleased my 5 year old son was able to attend Ayşen's camp. He had a wonderful time and I would highly recommend her. During the camp Ayşen helped my son construct a "heart map" that he illustrated with the things most important to his heart. This is how I discovered he really loves yoga! They also created a book over the week that my son illustrated and wrote himself. She helped him sound out and write words he never wrote before. I would love to have my son work with Ayşen at the next camp she hosts.

Elizabeth Priestly Siffert

Our son has a speech delay, which used to set him back at school quite a bit. He had difficulty understanding instructions and expressing himself. Given this situation, writing a journal was a particularly problematic area. How do you explain to a child that he needs to write something, if he has a difficulty understanding two-step directions or following a story line? This is where we were fortunate to have Ms. Ayşen's help. She has a low-stress way to have the child express his thoughts that the child enjoys. Our son always looked forward to sessions with Ms. Ayşen. He is now very comfortable with writing a one page story and does not think twice about it. His overall progress has been quite impressive, which is in no small part due to Ms. Ayşen's help. We heartily recommend her services.

Vas Lubchenko

Ayşen's friendly, calm, and patient demeanor is just one of the reasons she so successfully engaged with our son during his writing course this summer. I love the way she encourages kids of all ages to think in a writerly way and make keen observations of the world around them. Ayşen is an educator who manages to get beyond the ABCs and shows kids the true path towards independent thought and self-expression.

Brant Bayless